Google releases App Field Trip Guide

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Google has with Field Trip (literally “trip”) published an Android app, which refers to attractions and restaurants in the vicinity of the user. It can meet the traditional functions of a travel guide is, in the  edition of Google Play but not initially available.

Field Trip combines material from a variety of sources, that it accesses by API. So come historical data from Arcadia, restaurant reviews from Zagat and The Food Network, Songkick informed about musical features and Atlas Obscura about unusual buildings and cultural monuments.

The program was developed by a Google subsidiary named Niantic Labs, John Hanke leads. He was previously responsible for the Google Geo product. According to his Google+ profile , he now runs a “mysterious project” – which probably now obsolete. The URL for a Field Trip in Google Play , the program even now as “nianticproject” from. Hanke actually came in 2004 with the charge of Keyhole satellite imagery to Google, from which emerged Google Earth .

Field Trip runs on Android smartphones in the background. When the user passed a point of interest, it is automatically an info page. Also is a Bluetooth headphones set, the app automatically reads the information available before.

The frequency of notes can be loud FAQ adjust. There also is talk of future international availability – as well as an iOS version that is in the works.

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