Google released standalone YouTube app for iOS

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Google has just before the expected start of iOS 6 a Youtube client in Apple’s App Store set. He is initially willing but only in the U.S. edition of the marketplace for free download. Moreover, so far only iPhone and iPod Touch are supported, for the iPad should appear in the coming months an optimized version, as the YouTube blog states.

The independent Youtube Client offers more features than the version developed by Apple, but advertising is displayed (Image: Google).

The independent Youtube Client offers more features than the version developed by Apple, but advertising is displayed (Image: Google).

Apple had the fourth beta of iOS 6shipped without the hitherto always contained Youtube client. At the same time, it announced that Google was working on a standalone app for access to the video service. Apple officially justified the waiver with the expiration of its license. In fact, it is likely the iPhone maker, but be about further distancing itself from Google’s services. In June he had already announced that he would replace Google Maps in iOS 6 by its own 3D maps application. Background are obviously global patent dispute between Apple and Google’s Android partners.

On the first iPhone Youtube was one of the most important functions. Since the Apple smartphone has never support Adobe’s Flash Player, Google was even forced to re-encode all the videos on Youtube, so they can be accessed with the iPhone. Since then, Apple was for the advancement of responsible Youtube App for iOS. However, there have in recent years only a few updates. First and foremost, the video player and the connection to social networks have been improved.

The recently published independent Youtube client for iOS brings some major changes, however. For example, it can be tens of thousands of additional videos are played, including mainly music videos of the big record companies. This is made possible by commercials that Apple had previously prohibited the preinstalled version of the YouTube application so far.

“Over the last years, this resulted in a limited user experience, and caused a lot of frustration,” said Francisco Varela, Director responsible for Platform Partnerships at YouTube. “We will change that: You can now view your Lady Gaga video on your phone.”

The new client also facilitates browsing subscribed channels that are displayed by a swipe to the right on the left of the screen. There are also new options for sharing videos on Facebook and Google+. The search has also been improved.

For Google, the self-developed Youtube App for iOS a potential new source of revenue to see represent According to him, Youtube users worldwide a billion videos a day on their mobile devices. With listings on the iOS app, the company could achieve a huge new audience. It will not overdo it with the advertising but.

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