Google reinvents and updates the “Tablet PC”

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The next Chromebook  Will he strand a chameleon? Or is this another portable device that will benefit from this innovation? Anyway, according to the site PatentBolt, Google filed a patent describing a laptop-tablet .
       The device can be used either as a tablet when both wings are folded one over the other, or as a    portable, two screens. In this case, the touch screen (capacitive, resistive, or electrostatic surface acoustic wave, etc..), Which serves as a horizontal part, changes depending on the context of use. It would display as a keyboard or touch pad could serve as an interface to control like a mouse.
The patent also applies to the options detailed articulation of the two screens. The vertical part can simply fall back, rotate or slide on a rail system to finally cover the lower part, which is horizontal in portable mode.

A new hybrid race?

For now abandoned by Apple and much of the market, hybrid shelves – mid-mid-shelf laptops – are not so far shunned by all manufacturers. This is particularly the case with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Premium , which is ultimately only the modernization of the first Tablet PC, released in early 2000.
Beyond the possible realization of this patent, the question of which operating system could work this kind of aircraft landed. Google and complicated potential responses. He stated that his patent could apply equally well to a mobile phone, a PDA, an electronic reading light as a laptop. But also indicates that it could work with multiple operating systems. Then we consider the Atrix from Motorola, which is owned by Google . A device that runs on Android as asmartphone and switches on Linux when it is connected to a docking station, which transforms it into laptop.
Chrome and Android OS could be the game, and why not Windows, even if it gets more complicated technically, strategically and financially. Google and Intel have been working since September 2011 to optimize Android for Intel, Intel or Windows traditionally love .. . This brings to mind many of these new devices to slip, as a missing link between the ultrabook and the smartphone , tablet or the classic …



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