Google refines Searches with “knowledge graph”

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The monster of technology was considered so far Google searches that were very basic and required a lot of work for the user. This is why we have decided to incorporate a more “intelligent” look not only words but key concepts associated with sites, places, and even restaurants. It is a model that has been called “The Chart of Knowledge” which until now was only available in English but already has an update in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and Italian.

“Would not it be great if Google could understand the words you use in the search are not just words but belong to real things in the real world? “. This is what was asked Jack Menzel , director of product development at Google to try to make this “graphic”.

“A building is a building and an animal is an animal, but not just random characters. If we could understand that these words are related to real things we could show a more accurate result to the user, “said Menzel.

It is a semantic search, according to Google , and that leads to a more advanced build on what they call “collective intelligence” of the web. To construct this kind of research about real-world connections first had to create the “knowledge graph”, which is simply the collection of relevant data “objects” , which can be people, monuments, films, etc..

Shashi Thakur , technical leader of the project, notes that for example, when a celebrity was collected relevant data such as date of birth to their height. The graph also connected to that character with other information, such as a city.

For the user to appreciate this search will introduce a new panel on the right side of the screen where the options are grouped important and wanted. They have taken into account the number of clicks after a search to gather the most relevant data for this graph.

Google has indicated that this incorporation is achieved three aspects: the user is better at applying, you get a better overview and withgreater depth and breadth . It also allows for better relations between concepts. Coming soon will be available for ‘smartphones’ and tablets.

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