Google+ puts the focus on Instagram with new filters to images

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The company integrates its social network service Snapseed, bought last year.

Google is turning to boost its Google+ in order to make it the hub of the user experience-dependent products. ‘s purchase last year of Snapseed , rival application / social network Instagram is already paying off.

For this, the company has released an update to its iOS and Android socialpara network with the addition of an option to put filters and edit images. In addition to this, Google has made ​​some changes to their application for iOS and Android to make users more attractive to use.



In addition, users can now rotate and crop images, change the saturation, contrast, brightness, and add filters to photos similar to having the popular Instagram application . The update has improved loading new content. Users can browse through photo albums online and allowing a more fluid navigation and will take less time to see what interests them.

Also included is the option to share the location of a user with the desired circles. On the other hand, the social network will show more text messages, both entries in comments. The preview images are cut on rare occasions and messages displayed “+1” to have , and also comments . It can control the volume of publications that are displayed on the news of the circles and individual communities and users can share and invite others to the communities to which they belong.

The update also includes a new notification tray and displays the count of unread messages in the communities to which the user belongs.Google+ is a social network that differs from the others by its use of circles. In these circles, you can divide your family friends or coworkers and thus can publish something and decide which circles want to see.The update is available in the Google Play for Android as in a App Store for iOS.

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