Google puts pressure on Facebook to buy Wildfire

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Google still wants to put pressure on Facebook where it hurts, in the business of social networking and advertising associated with them.The search engine company has just purchased the Wildfire, a young advertising and marketing agency that helps companies manage and enhance its presence in social networks. 

Although neither company has officially unveiled the price of the transaction, people familiar with it have assured Reuters that Google would have paid 250 million dollars (about 203.5 million euros) by the start-up.

Wildfire was founded in 2008 by Victoria Ransom and Alain Chuard, and today has 400 employees. Among them, and that has given him even more morbid to the acquisition, is the sister of Facebook founder Arielle Zuckerberg, who is manager of product in the company.

The young company said in a statement that the combination of Wildfire with Google “will generate a better platform for the management of digital marketing.” And analysts applaud the decision to buy Google, claiming that they pay is an important step Facebook shorten ground in the competitive social advertising pie and give a push to pass its own social network, Google +. Wildfire 16.000 counts among its client companies with 30 of the top 50 global brands, including Sony and Amazon.

According to All Thing Digital, Wildfire has billed $ 14 million in the last four years. The company provides software that links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social networks.Apparently Google, which manages and expand their formats and offer advertising, plans to introduce Wildfire in a group of online advertising services offered through its DoubleClick division.

The purchase of Google is the last operation in the so-called social media, a market that will generate this year Gartner 16.900 billion, an 43.1% more than last year. But in recent weeks there have been several more acquisitions. Buddy Media Salesforce bought last June for $ 700 million, Google itself a start-up Meebo 100 million, Oracle has acquired Involver, Vitrue and Collective Intellect, and Microsoft Yammer by 1,200 billion in June also.

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