Google puts order in the Play Store with new rules

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The rules of the Google Store Play change. Google has just sent a letter to the developers asking them to inquire about changing the policy from its application store. It must be said that the new rules settle on some points long in abeyance.

 News relevant to all parts, including naming and malware applications.


Google Wallet mandatory

One of the most sensitive points for developers, payment, and is much more regulated. With the introduction of Google Wallet payment system (replacement for Checkout), Google has decided to adopt the same rules that Apple in terms of payment within an application (in-app). Wallet is thus mandatory, except for content used outside of the application or physical. The firm would also hunting for developers using Paypal …

Concerning subscriptions, Google refuses repayment in the middle of a period, even if it allows the content publisher can define a possible compensation.

An additional rule requires developers to “do not mislead users” on applications, services . As noted by the U.S. site, this definition is very fuzzy. Google leaves an area of freedom to act on the payment. Note that users still have 15 short minutes to get a refund of the purchase.

Prohibited from using the name of another app

Another point of importance for developers of Android, especially against IOS, is the number of applications that use the name and icon of another to mislead the user. “Do not pretend to be someone else, and do not submit your application as authorized or produced by another company or organization if it is not the case,” the firm wrote in its terms.

This rule, now explicit, had already tacitly applied by Google, particularly when it came to applications vérolées taking the name of a best seller from another platform not yet present on Android. Some developers also pointed to the volatile situation, especially when deleting Playstation emulators. Write the rule here is primarily a means of reassuring.

Thank you for not sending viruses

Some rules make explicit the (now) Google fight against malware. “Do not send viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses, malware or anything else that could introduce vulnerabilities or damage to the terminal, applications or the user’s personal data” Google application developers .

If the threat is even now only reduced face all the problems posed by the virus, Google introduced several mechanisms to fight against malware. These include a tool for automatic verification, the Bouncer, running each application submitted on the Play Store. A tool that can still be bypassed …

Do not insert spam

Google is also more strict applications of “spam.” The company explicitly prohibits applications “repetitive content”, completed forms of keywords on the Play Store (that sometimes some big publishers), the faking of user notes, applications created and sent automatically to the store or applications or affiliates that refer to a site that is not the developer.

Final point of interest, Google wants more application that sends text messages or emails automatic without user confirmation.

The developer responsible for advertising

The developer must then assume responsibility for all these commercials. An application may be rejected because of its advertising. In addition to the above, now Google will refuse invasive advertising, including installing unwanted shortcuts, bookmarks or of changing terminal settings.

The Mountain View company wants to finally banish the ads in the system tray, misleading when they pose as system notifications, such as a low battery. Advertisements that Symantec has misidentified as malware at a time.

With this wave of change, Google has (finally) the order in his Play Store. Not so much by writing rules that will apply thereafter officially that by posting some selection criteria that apply to the firm-and-now already. Subsequent verification helps to limit certain abuses of the Apple model, where some developers see their application rejected or deleted without any real justification .

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