Google puts its energy into making a “smartphone” with Motorola

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Would be the first bet true internet giant’s hardware manufacturing, which is cited with the code name “Phone X»

Motorola is currently working on a “smartphone” supported by Google, according to sources close to leaked plans to newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” . This would be the first bet of Google for making real hardware, which is cited with the codename ‘X phone. ”

The launch of a “smartphone” consisting could be the first step in the company to position itself as a viable competitor in the mobile handset market. Right now with its Android operating system dominates the scene at the software level, but there is an important part of the revenue is derived from hardware and Google in this area is just remarkable.

The Motorla acquisition is aimed precisely to build this niche hardware for Google. No wonder that the same sources that leaked the plans to build a “smartphone” later also indicate that work on a “tablet”.

Before Google has already launched under its brand line of “smartphones” Nexus, the first built by HTC, Samsung and other two with a last with LG. In the field of tablets and marketed under the same umbrella devices made by Asus and Samsung. Motorola has launched this year, last September, its terminals Razr , the first since it was acquired. However, these devices have been questioned for not being at the highest level.

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