Google publishes the full list of new features in Android 4.2

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When Google introduced the new version of its mobile platform, not leave anywhere detailed what the new features that the user might encounter in the smartphone once to update to this version. However, of Mountain View have prepared a list with all the improvements of each section of the version Android 4.2 which added to Jelly Bean family.



Jelly Bean The family consists of several versions : the beginning step gave beginning 2012 with Android 4.1 and the latest Android 4.2 which could be seen in the Nexus 4 , the newest smartphone giant’s Internet and is being discussed as the discontinuous so be present on the market in several minutes is usually exhausted since Google replenished stock.

However, after the upgrade, users will only be left with some of its most important features of the new version of the platform . These were, for example, the ability to make 360 degree panoramic photos, the new virtual keyboard that you can type without lifting your finger from the screen, or the long-awaited multi-user account that customers of tablets touch with the latest version (Android 4.2) might enjoy . According to the list published by Google, this will be possible with a maximum of eight players per team, but only three of them are managers.

However, these were not the only differences that existed and that new users could also enjoy a redesign of the camera function with new filters to apply to snapshots and the ability to make use of HDR technology , although only be available on compatible handsets. Meanwhile, Google also notes that new sources have been added to the repertoire and new characters to be used in other languages.

Meanwhile, from the lock screen could access not only to the camera and take pictures without having to unlock the handset, but also be able to add more shortcuts to features like email, calendar or tray input short text messages, also known as SMS .

Also, the new keyboard not only can write without lifting your finger from the screen. And is that the Mountain View added new dictionaries with which to make more accurate predictive text , this function allows you to write more quickly thanks to autocomplete words before they are finished typing.

On the other hand, with Android 4.2 , the smartphone that will bring more international installed: users can take several global time from the main screen and to always know what time it is anywhere in the world. Furthermore, improving the signal quality of the networks, both WiFi and 3G or 4G-by market.

Finally, the customer can see from now, the default browser to visit Web pages from the mobile will become Chrome , an application can also be used in other devices such as computers or tablets, and to synchronize accounts keep a history together and not losing any information, giving equal the equipment used at that moment.

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