Google provides an Exchange ActiveSync support for free e-mail accounts

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Google is the end of January, the synchronization of email, calendars and contacts via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Affected are users of the e-mail service Gmail. From the 30th January, consumers can no longer sign up new devices for Google Sync. Users who have already set up Sync can still synchronize calendar, contacts and messages.

After 30 January, Google provides synchronization service only to corporate, government and educational institutions who have completed a subscription to Google Apps. Users of the free version of Gmail, it is recommended as an alternative IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV.

“In addition to sync we leave on 14 December also Google Calendar Sync and 30 Expire in January 2013 Sync for Nokia S60, “wrote Venkat Panchapakesan, vice president of engineering at Google, in a blog entry . Also on 30 January End of Support for SyncML, for the synchronization of contacts on a few older phones still get used.

Google had the XML-based protocol Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) 2009 by Microsoft licensed. It was introduced at the request of its enterprise customers, support as many mobile devices EAS.Google’s implementation of Exchange ActiveSync is completely independent of Microsoft Exchange mail server.

The project of the search group pursued since then but only half-heartedly. Even three years after the launch, Google Sync is still in the beta phase. On its website , the company attention in particular to problems that may occur when used with Apple’s mobile operating system iOS.

The announcement is part of a “winter cleaning” designated product cleanup. Her fall and the Issue Tracker Data API, and a function for booking appointments via Google Calendar victim. In addition, Google is on the 7th 2013 June Punchd the smartphone app for iOS and Android one, can be managed with the bonus cards. The same company, Google had acquired the 2011th

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