Google promotes its products at the Grammys

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Delivery of the Grammy Awards brought several surprises , but not only musically, but also in the technological section since Google took the big audiences of music awards to promote his spectacular phone Nexus four and Now Google service available from Android version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean .

In advertising you can see people in different parts of the world using the mobile device Nexus 4 . Moreover also use Google Now for all types of actions, from translation of words in real time to find a restaurant or watching the weather forecast.

41 nexus Google promotes its products at the Grammys


The emotional moment came when an ad using Google Now father to communicate with his son . A very practical and effective way to show the magic of Nexus 4 and its performance to become a first-line smartphone that can compete directly with the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 , and other current smartphones.

Google nexus April 21 promotes its products at the Grammys

All we can criticize the ad is that it comes at a bad time because the phone is still not available in many countries of the world where the stock is over in minutes.

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