Google prepares to mobile operator

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The Web giant is in talks with Dish TV provider and satellite data, to arrive at the cell phone business. If Google closes the deal would cover all segments that make up the business of mobility.

Google is closer to becoming a mobile operator. If so, coupled with the successful Android platform and more popular every time Nexus smartphones and tablets, the Internet giant would also be a giant in the area of mobility.

According to rumors, the Internet firm is in talks with the data provider and satellite television, Dish, to jointly launch a new mobile phone service and home Internet.
In that sense, the president of Dish, Charlie Ergen, declined to specific statements, but said his company is in talks with other companies “to which they would like to enter the industry,” according to reports in The Wall Street Journal.

Today Google has its own network of optical fiber that expands in some regions of the U.S., which hopes to cover the entire United States.
That’s why the search giant needs a ‘strategic alliance’ with another strong company in the telecom services sector to go into business with strength and power to provide coverage throughout the country in a short span of time.
The partner for the new venture of Google seems to be Dish, firm that currently awaits the necessary permissions to use their infrastructure to provide telephone service and mobile data.
If Dish and Google manage to close a deal, the combo of both companies will set a “triple play” that provide telephony services and mobile data, satellite and broadband connection ..
According to The Wall Street Journal said, the companies would talks at an early stage, although the mutual interest of both is because Dish bring its infrastructure in the telecommunications field and Google all your gear and online services in the field of mobility, the domain of the Android platform and Nexus devices.

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