Google prepares an open AirPlay to compete with Apple

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The home entertainment can be more varied than ever. However, the contents are increasingly scattered across multiple devices . The music, pictures and movies can be stored on different devices and media that are intended eventually enjoy in the living room . Consumers demand to see the photos of the phone on the TV, enjoy favorite series with the laptop on the big screen, or listen to the songs of the tablet in the home cinema system. The idea is that everything can be seen on TV or heard on the computer hi-fi from home, but, yes, without having to go messing with cables.

The wireless technologies for transmitting multimedia contents are up, especially those that do not require any prior configuration , where just a device is within range of another to start playback in streaming . Google has long been working on its own technology , a style alternative to Apple’s AirPlay capable of handling audio and video. The first sign is the function of YouTube that plays videos from smartphones and tablets Android on TVs compatible with Google TV , filed last week. Also, two years ago the company launched a remote control application for YouTube . But Google wants to go much further.

The company aims to develop an open technology services and equipment from any manufacturer who wants to join. By contrast, Apple’s AirPlay is a proprietary technology licensed to other companies, however, is incorporated in products such as A / V receivers from brands like Denon, Yamaha or Pioneer.As reported by Gigaom, Google makers claim that their wireless technology for playing audio, video and photo streaming is bidirectional , that is, capable of delivering data in both directions. Thus, it could develop experiences second screen showing content related to what is being broadcast live on TV. This also worth to play streaming images from a laptop. Another advantage is that Android tablets could better compete with the iPad thanks to this new feature.

For years on the market other similar protocols, as is the case with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), which dates from 2003. Enables playback of audiovisual content in the classroom from any computer or compatible device within a home network, either Wi-Fi or Ethernet . Currently, there are over 500 products with DLNA for sale, including TVs, cameras, printers, media centers, mobile phones or printers.

It seems that Google has decided to go for an open alternative to Apple AirPlay more ambitious, to convince the maximum number of manufacturers. Instead, it has discarded its streaming media player, known as Nexus Q, which would present this summer.

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