Google Play: revenues increase 311%

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The number of the day comes from the last report of App Annie According to the analyst sales and download applications, Google Play has increased its profits by 311% between January and October 2012. Although it is a huge leap forward for the Internet giant, revenues from the sale of iOS apps keep the number one spot.

The growth of Google Play is undeniable. This success is partly due to the starting price of applications compared to the products available from Apple. In this study the first ten months of the year, we see that iOS revenues rose 12.9%, but the base price was on average twelve times higher than that charged by Google.

On the one hand Google Play seems dynamic, the other the App Store seems to stagnate.

To illustrate the situation, play rose 17.9% while iOS lost 0.7%. Starting from a much lower starting price, the search engine gradually catching up the delay. Since June, App Annie has also noticed that the free downloads were up 48% for Google and only 4.4% in the camps iOS.

In order to better target users, the study also examines the geographic distribution of downloads and revenues. With 30% free iOS app downloads in January, the United States dominated the market. However, the trend is not in favor of Apple. Although the giant apple is on the first step, the U.S. score rose to 25.8% in October and China increasingly asserts its number two position with 15.3%.

In terms of revenues from downloads on iOS, the Middle Kingdom is gradually becoming a challenger to the United States. With the launch of the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad in China last, the situation will only get stronger. Other countries opt for them on Google Play as South Korea or Japan.

While the United States and their incomes download iOS dominate, Japan took the lead regarding Google Play. With a tenfold increase since January, the Japanese market shows a monthly income of 29% against 26% for the USA. On the Google platform, it is mostly game publishers experiencing strong growth.


The study says that the biggest profits are made by games and entertainment applications. On the App Store, Rovio and Gameloft are in the top 10 downloads, while Google Play, Halfbrick Studios, creators of Fruit Ninja has become one of the most downloaded publishers in October.

If we follow the figures in the report, game publishers and Apple dominate Google Play are social networks.

But not that …

Observing well, the market splits into two. On the one hand invade the Asian Games Play Google, on the other ‘western countries’ have their games on iOS. This finding is certainly radical, but many gamers Asian partly explains the success of Google Play, and in particular hit in Japan.

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