Google Play 4.0: A new look at its future design

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Already said in another article, it seems that Google is making the most of these weeks before spring break, so typical of the United States. And what makes updating many applications and bringing new ones like Google Keep . It seems that another important updates that may arrive soon is that of Google Play Store. An item that has not been significantly updated again since moving to Android Market to Google Play.

Google Play 4.0

Google Play 4.0

It was the most significant update that had, in addition to the name change, introduced new features and a very important change in appearance. But thanks to the leaking of Droid Life paints can see what will be the version 4.0 of the app store, books, music and movies from Android.

Google Play 4.0

Specifically version 4.0.16 and would more than likely not be the final, but they have managed to prove APK and gives an idea where the shots go. A lighter interface, well-structured and well-defined sections. Holo design makes use of tabs and have everywhere. As we are viewing the content will be divided into 3 or can occupy the entire screen, depends on the relevance of what we are viewing.

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