Google plans to open stores like the Apple Stores

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Should still cataloging of rumor, since there has been no official confirmation from Mountain View, but indications are too obvious to suggest that Google is planning to create its own network of physical stores later this year . Their own “Apple Stores”. The concept would be similar in fact, allowing customers to experience first-hand with the company’s products.


According to the prestigious online says 9 to 5 , Google took the decision during the process of preparation of the marketing strategy of innovative augmented reality glasses Glass Google . At the top of the company are many who believe that the success of the project will be essential to adequately explain the technology to users, and the best way is through its own network of physical stores that facilitate direct contact customer.

Moreover, in these stores users could also buy almost all products of the increasingly extensive catalog of Google, mainly tablets and smartphones Nexus, and computers with Chrome OS. In addition, you can also experiment with other Google products, such as payment systems using NFC.

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