Google plans to cut 4,000 jobs at Motorola

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With Motorola Mobility , by Google acquired mobile phone business of Motorola, the Internet giant wants cutbacks and massive job stress. Should disappear around one in five jobs, it was about 4,000 jobs, reports the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal blog All Things Digital About two-thirds of the job cuts were planned outside the United States.

The employees should already have been informed of the job cuts and the fact that worldwide approximately one third of the Motorola offices would be closed. Motorola would withdraw from unprofitable markets and cheaper production equipment, said the new Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside to the New York Times . In addition, you will reduce the range of models: Motorola should focus on a few smartphones, and cease the production of low-end devices.

Google had bought Motorola Mobility for approximately 12.5 billion dollars. According to official figures, it was mainly to the huge patent portfolio, which has pioneered the mobile phone – from the Google quarter figures showed that the Internet company paid about 229,000 dollars per Motorla Pat has. The patents for Google may be important in the current patent wars for smartphones and Android, the rage in the mobile industry.

However, Motorola offers the opportunity for Google, itself to be active without having to depend on how far the Nexus devices on partners like HTC and Samsung Android smartphones in the market. Motorola should also not be fully integrated with Google, but exist as a separate division to stay. They want Motorola to equip with the necessary resources so that it can again operate profitably, it was not until June of Google

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