Google patents: unlock screen by eye movement

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The Google got a patent interest in recent days. This is a system for unlocking system from the eye movement of the user. In general, you could create a “slide to unlock” using movement done with the look.

In addition to the possible use in tablets and smartphones, the feature could also be adapted to the newly announced smart glasses Glass Google . Once the device eliminates the use of hands, would make more sense that the release of your operating system is done with eye movement.

Basically, the registration document states that the patent system creates a random pattern of movement for the user’s eyes. Using a moving object on the screen, the route taken with the look would be registered as the password for free using Google Glass, for example.Whenever the user wants to unlock the system, or create a new session of use, it will reproduce the movement with your eyes and release occur.

The patent also specifies other similar methods and opens other perspectives of resource usage. For example, you can adapt the technology patented by Google for a new type of graphical interface that responds to commands from the user’s eyes rather than the touch of a finger. Another possibility is to create a system that identifies the reading speed of the consumer and, in the case of e-readers turn the pages automatically so the machine to realize that the eyes have reached the end of the text.

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