Google+ pages and to manage its new ‘app’ for iOS and Android

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Google has just released the latest version of its application for Android and iOS Google+. The most important feature of this new update is support for pages.From now on, the owners of a page in Google’s social network may view, publish and comment on them from their mobile devices.

Google has explained that the ability to manage pages was one of their “most requested features” for Google+ mobile applications. A number of social network users have demanded this service since Google first launched last November pages.

The version 3.2 of the Android and iOS applications also has other new features. iOS application allows you to edit the social network messages after publication. Moreover, with the newapp for iPhone and iPad users can save pictures in the camera reel, and the application is consistent with the larger screen iPhone5.

Also new, specific for iPad users, is the ability to find people and publications (the iPhone app already offered this feature).

The version of Android, meanwhile, has not received too many updates. Among the main innovations is the new design and the people finder widgethomescreen. Google also noted in the description of the update that is now also possible access photos of the messages with a single click . The update is already available for free on Google Play and App Store.

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