Google opens Web Lab at the London Science Museum

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Google has unveiled a new section of the London museum, where visitors can interact with 5 multimedia installations connected to the Internet.

Google and the Science Museum in London have announced the opening of a new area of the museum where visitors can interact with five physical installations to understand the workings of the Internet.

The Google Web Lab was created mainly to allow youngsters to experience the world through virtual experiments with real objects. The same media experience can be obtained by visiting the website, preferably with the Chrome browser. At the entrance of the museum, the visitor will receive a ” tag lab “, a small label which will be identified in the Web Lab, enabling you to save and share everything that is created with the experiments, together with the users of around the world, both physical and virtual.

These are the names of the five installations:

  • Universal Orchestra : an orchestra composed of 5 robotic instruments controlled via the Internet;
  • Sketchbots : custom robot can take pictures, reproduced in the sand;
  • Date Tracer : a map that shows where the information is physically stored online in the world;
  • Teleport : a series of periscopes connected to the Internet through which to observe the world;
  • Lab Tag Explorer : A real-time display of all online visitors to Web Lab

All experiments using modern web technologies, from WebSocket to HTML5 . Being a beta project, the facilities will be improved over time through feedback received from visitors, as in the best tradition of Google. The Web Lab will remain open until summer 2013 . The entrance to the exhibition, as well as the entire Science Museum is free .

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