Google offers Pi billion in March Pwnium

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Google has once again announced the completion of your event Pwnium , which is nearing its third edition, remember that this is a contest for hackers in which rewards those who are capable of breaching its operating system Chrome OS.

The interesting thing about this opportunity is that Google will be offering “Pi” millions of dollars to whoever finds the most important vulnerability of its operating system , would be about 3,141,590 million, all to improve and ensure the security of Chrome OS, something so Google has been investing heavily.

This is the first time the company’s Mountain View focuses on event-based operating system in the cloud, on the other hand, you also have to mention an increase in the value of the awards with respect to Pwnium 2, going from $ 60,000 to about 110,000 and $ 150,000.

In Pwnium 3 must compromise the security of a Chromebook Samsung 5 Series 550 , where even minor prizes will be offered to those who achieve partial hacks. As for the venue, it is noted to be held in Vancouver in early March, will have to wait to see if someone manages to win the jackpot.

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