Google offers a music service with songs for every mood

A service only to subscribers ‘All Access’ unsubscribed although users have 30 days to try the service.

The system uses a technology developed by the company Songza and has the name ‘Concierge’.

The service has over 2,000 playlists.

Google on Tuesday began offering subscribers the surcharge All Access musical selections based on the mood of the user, location, time of day, past preferences and songs at some point said they liked. The service uses a system called Concierge , with Songza , a company Google acquired last July. Concierge is available through the mobile phone, tablet or computer. The user can choose options like happy I got up , Exercising and Drinking gourmet coffee , and get three genres, each of which will connect with three playlists. If neither option satisfies, subscribers to All Access , a service that charges $ 10 a month (7.8 euros) , will continue their search according to your mood or activity being undertaken. For those who are not subscribers of the payment service, Google offers a free 30-day plan where you want the user can use all the best All Access without having to pay anything. After this trial period all who wish to continue the service must pay the monthly payment. The more than 2,000 playlists service offered by the Internet giant is constantly updated by a team of experts.

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