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The popular browser Internet seems to have become addicted to the controversy. With continuing doubts about the privacy of users and the management of their personal data, the Mountain View are beginning to offer a service very controversial. It’s just a test, and users will access only upon request, but the idea is dangerous.

The service called Gmail resoults, and to customize the search in Google with the data arising out of the email. is, to find a term in Internet , also appear to have references to this in our mailbox.

It may seem harmless, but imagine this. A coworker asks you to search Google a term such as “flight to London,” referring to a possible business trip. On the screen appear the results of the airlines concerned, but you may also see other things were left. In the worst case, you may see the offer you made a rival company to work in London, who was in your email. Surely we can all imagine similar situations.

But this is not the only issue that arises. There is also a justified concern about the amount of data that Google may be stored upon us. not only frightening to think that a company knows almost everything about our lives, but we have no certainty that these data can not reach, at least indirectly, to foreign hands.

The service is presented in a manner similar to regular searches. In a column to the left displays the search results normal while we would see on the right side corresponding to our email. All with the simplicity that usually Google .


Since the company claim that this service helps to make the information “in the fingertips” of the user.They say that many times, and he result we are looking for does not have to be in the public part of the network, but rather from our own files and documents.

What began as an email account, it has now become much more. Having a Google account you can use to access services cloud storage through Google Drive , customize our channel of Youtube , buyapplications , update blogs or access a social network : Google + .

The service is only available to users who have the account configured in English, at least for now. In addition, as noted, must voluntarily request to join it. Since this is a test, the company will only grant one million applications for the total of 425 million active accounts in Gmail . If you would like Google to crawl between your mail, you can apply for registration at this link.

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