Google Now lands on iPhone and iPad

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Following prior notification , Google has finally launched Google Now for iPhone and iPad via an update to its search application .



This service, which has been present in Android since the presentation of “Jelly Bean” in June 2012, is able to extract information from services like Gmail, Maps, Calendar, the browser, the Chrome browser history and everything that is connected to the user account in Google to provide “the information you need at the right time”, as explained by its leaders.

And, once Google Now learn a number of basic facts such as place of residence or business of the owner of the device, their hobbies and interests, can help you remember tasks such as meetings, dress according to the weather of each day or choose the route with less traffic.

“You have to go looking, the cards appear when you need them most , and the more you use Google Now, more out you’ll actually “, says Andrea Huey, Google engineer. And, “well Google card practices Now, the Google Search app is giving you instant answers to all your questions. Try playing the microphone and talk to your phone . We will respond quickly. For example, ask Google: “Will I need an umbrella this weekend?” And will give you the weather forecast. Or question “Who comes in” Oblivion “?” To decide whether you want it or not. “

“Voice Search is especially useful when you are moving,” he continues Huey. “Try, for example,” Show me pizzerias near here “and you will see a map of restaurants are nearby you with addresses, phone numbers, scores and schedules”.

In short, Google Now is designed to contextualize searches, offer suggestions based on the geographical location in which the user is located, use the information you know about this to customize the results or even predict preferences as used.

Of course the iOS app is not integrated into the operating system of the signing of the bitten apple in the same way as Siri, but thanks to the existence of Google accounts can play virtually the same functionality as Android. However, while the company’s G argues that the service is exactly the same on both platforms, there are certain actions that have not been transferred to iOs as opening the app by sliding your finger from the bottom up.

Those interested in taking Google Now just have to go to the App Store and download or update the Google search application .

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