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A little less than a month’s Google I / O 2013 , the developer event of the company becoming common the appearance of news about Google products.

Now it is the turn to Google Now an assistant for Android devices , from 4.1 Jelly Bean, in addition to answering questions from users makes use of the location and the events marked on the calendar, knowing where we are at all times, giving us the information we need, such as how to get home using the best combination of public transport, the time or the things around him.

All indications are that Google plans to extend the scope of its service which could remove Android and turn it into a web application that will run through its Chrome browser. The main advantage is that it could run on any platform.

The information published in the blog Google Operating System, seems logical, especially when you consider that Google Now is a major feature of Google Glass.

The company seeks to bring your virtual assistant to other devices and platforms, although it is unclear how long it will cost to achieve.

Some highlights that this new Google Now might be a substitute for iGoogle, the personalized Google that the company began offering in 2006 and closed last November.

IGoogle is included in the search box of the company in the top and bottom all gadgets and would like the user to be allowed, for example, see their latest Gmail messages, reading the headlines from Google News, see the time or the cinema, etc..

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