Google Nexus 10, more details about their characteristics

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After a few days ago we confirmed the existence of Google Nexus 10. Finally they have released further details on that can be expected from this new device.

We’ve talked about features and price of the tablet itself another time, so today we will focus on discussing the performance shown by Google Nexus 10.

It seems that Google hopes to repeat the success he had with the Nexus 7, a tablet modern economic and practical functions, in addition to being easy to use for all types of user, is expected to have a good performance in the market, especially if Considering the high price of one of its potential competitors: iPad.

Is expected date Released for Google Nexus 10 be on November 13, with prices of $ 400 and $ 500 for 16GB versions and 32 GB respectively.

Gallery of the new Google Nexus tablet 10 .

Google Nexus 10 will now only WLAN, but should not be ruled out that in later updates emerge as the Nexus 7, which late last month announced an upcoming release with integrated 3G connectivity, probably many feel uncomfortable by the fact that not exploited the 3G or 4G on this device, but when you take into account that such connections deplete the battery faster and more cost represent the WiFi will be enough when required to work with Internet.

The touch screen of this tablet is quite efficient and provides good image quality, plus you do not mind not slow in keeping the commands that the user in question to run, facilitating the use of the operating system Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

It also stressed that the body of the tablet has a slightly rough texture to make it easier to hand contact and generally, Google Nexus 10 has ease of use not only by his faithful touch screen, but the buttons and input ports offer no difficulty to the user, so it is expected that no mishaps.


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