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Google has its own news site Google News redesigned. Layout and Aufklappfunktion been modified. Furthermore, in future a multimedia bar is provided as a standard item. The rollout of the new features will begin as usual in the United States before he gradually reached other countries.

Google News with Videos

Videos in News with modified layout (Image: Google)

Within Google News topics that can be converted for more than a year. The user gets so wish to see more than a story about a particular event or topic.Occasionally, individual stories are “frequently cited” as “Full” or classified. new is that Google is now reduced again all issues except the first on a headline. Who wants to see more, for example, because he does not trust the competence of Google’s algorithm on a specific topic chosen medium, must click on the right side of the Aufklappknopf.

The multimedia bar contains photos with the name of the source below it, as well as videos. The motion pictures to date was only a box in the upper right corner. In future, it seems Google treated equally with photos.

In Germany and France, there are bills to debate, after which Google will pay based on the results shown in news headlines, intros and other content for a fee to the publishers who own the rights to it. Google announced last week in France, could despite advertisements on the news site can not afford such a fee. And finally lead to the publishers to readers. It will instead the affected publisher sites rather ignore . The opinion was also expressly referred to the planned in Germany ” intellectual property right “reference.

It is noteworthy, moreover, that the changes to the Google News more from Focus magazine in September expected can miss Google+ posts – at least at the first level. However, they are part of the “real-time reporting” visible.

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