Google Music would pose a conflict of interest with the search

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Google wants to compete in all areas against Apple and that means to launch a digital music service to rival iTunes . Thus was born last year Google Music , but since then the browser has faced many problems to get the project. The more complicated to solve: the agreement with record labels.However, recent movements in the company of Larry Page and Sergey Brin give rise to a rapprochement of positions, but at what price?

The search engine Google has become a double-edged sword.The powerful tool leads the navigator by the immensity of the network of networks, including in its pursuit of content on servers downloads and P2P networks, those against the entertainment industry to fight at all costs for years. So far, Google has stayed out of debate as other fronts accused him of promoting “piracy”. However, a few days ago the company was a change of course by changing the strategy that was based your browser.

A Change Are unexpected?

Google this week will vary the search algorithm so that it penalizes pages that host any reference to multimedia content that are likely to infringe intellectual property rights. The result is that portals offering download links, torrent files or else a means of access to copyrighted material will sink into the search result, depriving them of such advantageous positions they are currently. This reversal of the company comes after many approaches of companies creating content such as TV shows, movies and music, among others.

Does the end justify the means?

However, the measure has led to all kinds of speculation . The most interesting are those that point to a conflict of interest  related to the record . And is that Google is in the process of evolution and development of a new online music service, Google Music . The end none other than rival Apple and its iTunes music store, a project led by the late Steve Jobs took the first step to transform the music business.

The founders of the browser does not have it easy, especially when for years have been in the spotlight of the music industry. For this, Google is seen as one of the indirect involved in the dissemination of material that infringes copyright.It serves as a gateway to those considered illegal downloads. The continuing pressures of this strong sector and the evolution of the personal interests of Larry Page and Sergey Brin have led to an approach from both sides. The result of this pairing would be advantageous for both sides. For one, Google would get the necessary support to enable the Google Music labels worldwide and begin his climb to fight for the throne, held by Apple. On the other hand, the producers would get to change the positioning of pages, according to industry sector, are responsible for an alleged decline in sales of their work and thus reduce or complicate downloading files that violate copyrights.

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