Google Maps: their strengths against Apple Nokia Here and Maps

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As important as having the best terminal in the market is that the operating system that includes. If this does not offer enough quality there is nothing to do and also should include all types of applications to take maximum advantage of the phone. And a program that never fails due to their great utility, is the maps that currently include browsing function also turn by turn.

Today the great dominating the market for this type of applications is Google, with Maps. Its development is really good and offers plenty of options (in addition, the updates are constant). But what is certainly true is that the experience of Nokia in this section is large and, therefore, is not just a smaller rival. By contrast, Apple’s first attempt was a failure here … but it is in the process of solving the problems we have had and, surely, it will become a rival to be reckoned with.

Such is the capacity of current mapping applications, as reported in IBTraveler (part of International Business Times), in an act of solidarity with children an ex-soldier traveled 5000 miles by countries such as Brunei, Singapore, China, Laos and Vietnam help of Google Maps in just 408 days and with little guidance complications.

Best of each mapping application

As usual, each of the three applications mentioned before has its virtues (and flaws, of course), so we had to list some of the best details of each so that, in this way, you know perfectly well what is the best for you right now and also to evaluate them yourself which is best:

Google Maps : You can use this application in both mobile devices and in browsers , so your options are big on usability. It is easy to use and offers high accuracy, both in searches as landforms.

In regards to the navigation is also very complete, with options to establish routes by car, by bike and on foot, for example. In addition, options like Street View for a closer look at the locations are very interesting aid. The accuracy of the results is one of the best letters of Google Maps. Honestly, it is very good and if we list all possibilities would be writing days .

Nokia Here : this is now a free product that is intended for use in mobile devices (they just released the iOS version of Android and will arrive shortly), including Windows Phone, of course. Includes voice guidance service could create routes and drive and walk.

It has support for 46 languages and coverage in 110 countries. It has options like knowing the time, night vision mode,support to meet traffic (in locations compatible) and direct access to social networks.

Apple Maps : the first attempt of the Cupertino company has not exactly been triumphant … but that does not mean they do not have some positives. The maps and the Tom Tom provides is only available for the iOS operating system.

It offers some interesting points, including browser as the time traffic real places that offer this possibility is connected with Siri , and offers 3D buildings. Of course, by now you have trouble finding locations and speed the search.

The truth is that Nokia Here is a very good application and it appears that Apple will be the corresponding … but it is true that, for now, Google Maps is much higher because all they offer the other two are supported by this and also provides many additional possibilities.

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