Google Maps gives greater prominence to the maps and allows synchronization with Google+

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Google has presented on Wednesday a complete redesign of geolocation service Google Maps . With this change, the map becomes more important to help the user find the site you are looking better. In addition, the Google team has added new sync options with Google+.



   The first session of the conference Google I / O 2013 , introduces new services company in Mountain View, as its music service Google Play Music All Access , and major developments in their most used services, such as the case of Google Maps.

   The service Google Maps has a large number of competitorsas open maps like OpenStreetMap license, used by most developers as a base for different Geolocators. However, the application continues as geolocation and online maps used being 1.000 million unique monthly users who access the services of Google Maps.

   This has led to the development of Google to reinvent your application with new design, more simple and streamlined in which only show the pathways necessary to reach the site, indicated possible points of confusion at intersections or detours.

   So much so, the developers define it as “a map drawn by a friend” because, with each click, the map is simplified increasingly helped by each user’s favorite locations like your home, your workplace or those map points that have been shared, improving user interaction with the map.

   In addition to these updates add new options to customize a map, and taking into account the recommendations made ​​by the Google+ friends and automatically save those places that have been previously searched . These will show different labels with useful information for the user and the business schedule and your rating or visits.

   On the other hand, the new Google Maps will also feature integrated Street View application , which will provide 3D ​​views of places have been searched. These images not only show the locations at street level but also can be seen from a greater height providing an aerial view of some places like the Grand Canyon or Mount Everest.

   For now, the redesign of the application is available for those users that are registered in Google with what they will get an invitation to test this new version if they wish.

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