Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta)

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Need to make a map ? Want to highlight special place or tours you want to recommend someone? Do not worry, Google got your back with the new beta of Google Maps Engine Lite . This service is used by the business environment for several years, but Mountain View decided to extend a version Lite the general public in order to enable the creation of custom maps collaboratively, including support for multiple layers and importing data.

Google Maps

Google Maps

It can be almost anything . Places where your favorite band played, the bike ride last week, your favorite stores, areas associated with pictures you have taken recently, or all at the same time. If you need to create a map , then you should look no further than the new tool that Google is offering, called Maps Engine Lite . Indeed, it was possible to do something similar through the function “My Maps” in Google Maps. For now, My Maps continue to exist as a separate function, but it has been confirmed that will eventually be integrated with Maps Engine Lite .

This eventual transfer should not be so complicated, for the simple fact that Maps Engine Lite can easily import all the maps that have been created in My Maps, as happens with locations and addresses saved in external spreadsheets. Furthermore, Maps Engine Lite tool would not be complete without some vector Google collaborative, therefore, the button “Share” within each map provides the user the ability to quickly share it with all your contacts, to assist in their edition. now, you have probably noticed in the title Maps Lite Engine is in beta. Currently only available in English, and would need some additional functions in its interface, and clear maps without having to open them, but they are details that Google will figure corrected as time passes and more bugs are reported. It is very easy to use, the customization options are acceptable, and the overall robustness of transmitting Google Maps background make the whole very tempting.

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