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The latest update of iPhone came with surprise. The default mapping application was no longer that of Google. Apple debuted their own, with the promise of improvements and building projection in three dimensions but with many different errors. At times funny, but always annoying if what you want is to find a place .

Google unveils application. In this time they have taken to add improvements.The search does not change remains in the top, with voice or typing on the screen. What does change is the view.It can be seen going from two to three dimensions, or in an intermediate version of 45 degrees. Paradoxically, this was one of the skills he had criticized the interpretation of cartography by Apple.

The promises of Google is the speed to yield results of up to 80 million instead. The purchase of Zagat and its integration into Google+, its social network, it is no coincidence. When looking for a place in the bottom of the display are photographs, reviews, recommendations and customers the ability to call and make a reservation. One way to provide additional information, contextual, but also touching on the border with advertising.

Along the same line, to meet the user is storing the locations searched.In history, if done with the user account enabled, you can go to sites registered as “home”, “work”, “gym” and other time-saving.

When unrest began for the deficiencies of the maps of Apple, the Cupertino company’s own recommended using Waze. This modest-minded application of social network known for its ability to provide traffic information in real time and recommended driving routes . Google seems to have taken some inspiration from there. Not only if you are driving, but walking or public transport given the estimated time from one place to another and can change on the fly the route without putting too many obstacles.

Another aspect that seems to have taken Waze is the possibility to correct on the fly. Should rename a street, or the direction of traffic, or perhaps is cut, just shake the phone to enter the correction menu and send the suggestion to Google. They have not lost the humor, there is the option “I do not like the colors of the application.”

What does not change, and is one of the great values of Google, StreetView, its street-view to get an idea of what will be a place to get help and guidance. This service, with more than 3,000 cities in 45 countries photographed has been one of the biggest headaches has given, especially in Germany and Switzerland, where allegations of violating the privacy rights have been constant.

Maps are one of the most valued services of Google, with more than one million active users a month. Kai Hansen, product manager, is confident that it is easy and intuitive. But he stressed that Google has no plans for now to lower the price for others to use their mapping. It is usually free to exceeding the daily limit of 4,000 requests, which with some success is easily exceeded.

Although the application is compatible with iPad, is designed specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch. It is not the first time Apple takes pride of place to a program that was born as a native operating system.Happened to come preinstalled YouTube have to download, free, from the App Store.

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