Google+ manages 135 million active users

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The Google+ social network has 135 million users true, according to their own data, but the potential is 500 million. The number of people who are more or less active in this network is much smaller than Facebook, but also to the professional network Linkedin or the phenomenon of the year, Pinterest. Following a year and a half old, with any other network would be a absolute success, in the case of Google, after several high-profile failures in this area, doubts remain. 

First it was a social network, then a place to share knowledge and now wants to curry favor with groups of friends, regardless of if you use some other product. In June 2011 Google slapped the table and fully entered a field that is not to lose ground, it had no presence.

Since then, they have stopped making efforts . The unfinished business of Google is social. In September of that year added group video calls and did open to anyone, without invitation and without restrictions .

Then came the option of following famous (in Spain, is promoted, especially the renowned chefs profile), the inclusion of content with buying guides Zagat and Frommer ‘ s , travel and gastronomy respectively and now groups.

Attempting to please is remarkable. To try that when entering your space, there is something to do, something to discover. This suggest that, rather than start inviting friends with a common interest, which is usual and spontaneous, users will join some of which have already formed: Audi enthusiasts , explorers , foodies , addicts Call of Duty and, of course, those crazy Star Wars . Possibilities of these communities are in group video calls, something that differentiates itself from Facebook,

In a post on Google’s blog signed by Vic Gundotra , Google’s vice president and head of this service, provide the expected usage figures.Google estimates, has 500 million potential users (people with a Google account, especially Gmail, e), ie half of the members of Facebook.

More than 235 million people have used it through finder services, either by +1, equivalent to  I Like in an application or Google Play a video call, but only 135 million actively use it directly entering Service.

However, no data were mean time the service user, either on the mobile or use the advertising potential, which is usually a good sign of success.

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