Google made billions by Ad Clicks

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Google has once again made more money last quarter – mainly due to good business with ads. In one important respect, the group shows, however, quite mysterious.

The search engine provider Google has more money in the second quarter, with advertising, but makes no secret of its plans for the purchased handset makers Motorola and the condition of the diseased manager Larry Page. In the last quarter was Google $ 2.8 billion (2.3 billion euros) profit, as the company announced. This is compared with figures from the previous year, an increase of eleven percent. Responsible for this are primarily paid search results. Attracted 42 percent more clicks on the ads compared to last year. Compared with the first quarter of this year, the increase was a meager percentage. Create to make Google is currently the revenue per click, which fell by 16 percent. Google said this with lower prices for ads on mobile devices.


The company’s sales shot in the period April to June by 35 percent to 12.2 billion dollars (9.9 billion euros) in the air, thanks to the newly acquired mobile phone manufacturer Motorola. But this writing arge losses. In the nearly one and a half months in which Google owns the company, Motorola has posted 233 billion loss. About Motorola’s plans for Google’s chief financial officer had a conference call with analysts in the dark and asked for “a little patience.” Google had to buy the company announced last year and completed the acquisition in late May.


Mobile sector is growing “phenomenally”

Google’s transformation into a mobile company was the dominant theme in the conference call with analysts, Google’s manager after the announcement of the figures. “We see phenomenal growth in the mobile area. The area is where search 1999”, said one of the managers. In order to do it justice, Google has a new version of the Android mobile operating system introduced a local assistant by the name of “Now”, a program that provides information-based search environment. For this purpose, the company sold in the U.S. own tablet, the seventh Nexus Not present was Google CEO Larry Page. “There’s nothing new.Larry has lost his voice,” said one Google manager. Page is a good month since disappeared from the public because he was not allowed to speak on medical advice. He continues to lead the company but it is on Google. Competitor Microsoft has , meanwhile, reported a loss . Reasons were, inter alia, the strong competition Google.

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