Google launches voice assistant Siri to rival the iPhone

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The news comes as the relationship between Google and Apple becomes increasingly competitive.

Google on Wednesday introduced a new technology based on voice search for iPhone , Apple, and said it is testing a new service that will match your e-mail service based on the Web with the new search engine .

The new version of Google app for the iPhone and the iPad, which should be available in a few days, will allow users to find information on subjects as varied as the weather and movies via voice commands, replicating some of the capabilities offered by Siri technology developed by Apple itself.

The new Google app recite answers to the search results in a human voice that sounds similar to Siri, which some industry analysts believe technology can reduce the dependence of iPhone users search for services offered by Google.

The news comes as the relationship between the two companies become increasingly competitive. On Monday, Apple said it will provide the YouTube application, powered by Google, as one of the preinstalled programs in future versions of iPhone.

Google, which presented a version of the application based on voice search for mobile phones that operate based on its Android operating system earlier this year, showed a version for Apple devices in a press event at its offices in San Francisco on Wednesday Monday.

The company also announced a test version of a new service that will integrate the e-mails to users’ personal searches conducted on Google’s site. The service, which will be offered initially to 1 million users, according to Google, aims to facilitate access to information such as flight schedules or purchase orders.

A truly universal search tool “cover all the information is transmitted to the Web for humanity and information belonging to you,” said senior vice president of Google Search, Amit Singhal.

The first “field test” will work with Gmail, Google, but Singhal said the company is open to opportunities to work with other email servers.

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