Google launches open source system for creating courses

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Google is one of the most innovative web and, once again, gives evidence of this characteristic. The Mountain View company has just released a free tool and open source for creating online courses, in order to “bring education to a global audience,” as stated in the publication that advertises the application.

Called Course Builder , the design was based on online course Power Searching with Google , offered by the company in July 2012. He is still in the experimental stage, but it can be downloaded from Google Code platform online space where only free software initiatives are shared.

In the video presentation of the new tool, the Google research director Peter Norvig reported that some knowledge of JavaScript and HTML will be needed to use it to create your own online course.

In practice the world

Educators worldwide may use yet another tool of Google, Hangouts on Air, to convey his lessons online and live around the world, further extending its reach.

Even in the initial phase, the Course Builder is already used by some major educational institutions in the United States, Switzerland and Spain. With the tool, Google has also launched an extensive documentation related to the project, which, being open source, allows for the recreation programmers world.


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