Google launches new design and for its Web search

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Google has started to roll out a new layout for its Web search. In the U.S. edition at it is already active. In a blog entry the Internet company called a “simpler, clearer design.”

The navigation bar has been moved from the left side of the results page to the top, so this makes a cluttered impression. “The new design gives it a little more room to breathe, and the focus is more on the answers one is looking”, Jon Wiley, senior designer writes for the Google Search. This applies both to the results of Web search as well as features from Knowledge Graph latter is not yet available in many countries.

On the search functionality has not changed, according to Google. Filters such as images, videos and news can now select below the search window.Clicking on “Search Tools” works from another line, in which the results can be narrowed down by drop-down menu in time or.

Strangely, no ads to show some result pages. That depends but probably not with the test operation. For over Google has confirmed that the placement of the ads will not change anything. A search for “ponies” appears on the U.S. side, for example, any advertising, they are “iPhone”, but for ever.

Google’s stated goal is to create “a unified search experience on a wide range of devices and screen sizes.” It started mid-2011, a revised search on Android tablets , just over a week followed by an updated search app for iOS .

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