Google launches broadband Internet service to 100 times faster in Kansas City

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Google unveiled on Thursday its Internet service broadband, Google Fiber in Kansas City, Missouri, promising connection speeds over 100 times greater than that offered some of the fastest services traditional companies in the telecommunications and cable USA.

“The Internet is a huge positive force, and yet we are at a crossroads,” said Google CFO Patrick Pichette, who has played a key role overseeing the fiber project. The speed of broadband connections have stabilized since about 2000, he said, and Google will do it 100 times faster.

A Gigabyte download per second . If you live in Spain, a connection of this speed might sound more like a joke than anything else, but some people in Kansas City, United States, and enjoy it . The service is called Google fiber , and of course, are those of Mountain View that have been launched.

Currently only available in this city, and there seems to be going to expand rapidly around the world , but it is certainly an example of things that can get to do. In 2010 Google asked the United States cities from running to get this network. Among more than 1,100 requests were decided by Kansas City, and deployed across the infrastructure. now been presented to the public this service, more expensive than the connection usual, but with a performance almost unthinkable in the world.

It is difficult to imagine how it would work Internet at that speed. For example, downloading a movie can take between one and several with good fiber connection as the ones in Spain. With a similar speed of downloading, you may not even the hard drive could write as fast as he receives the data. web pages would be loaded heavier pulsáramos entirely just the enter key.

Optical fiber

But we must not think that this is a more or less common in America. It is true that the speed of the Internet in Spain is no wonder, but in America are not light years. This 1 GB download is 100 times faster than the U.S. average.

So far only Kansas City will enjoy a similar connection. If you are versed in geography ask What will happen to them?. And is that Kansas City is actually two cities bonded to each other belong to different states: Kansas and Missouri. Originally, only the part in Kansas is going to enjoy the network, but eventually Google decided to extend on both sides of the city. Now you just need to decide to expand to the rest of the world.

Neither will be particularly cheap to have this service Google has decided to market several different packages. For $ 70 a month (56 euros) you can have this spectacular Connecting to n. If we decide to pay more (and live in Kansas) , for $ 120 per month (97 euros) also get the Smart TV service from Google.

These offers are intended to convert the homes of Kansas on users of the most popular services of Google.Gift take 1 TB of storage in the clouding of Google service, Google Drive. This capability is also much higher than we usually see in services online storage. And thanks to the connection speed, the lucky users of Kansas will not suffer the other problem of having the data in the cloud: slowness. Only hope that the experience is a success and Google decides to extend this initiative to more places.

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