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Google goes for broke in the hardware business. I made it clearwhen announced by surprise that draws on sale in the U.S. and the UK its first touch screen laptop with Chrome OS. The computer, 100% brand Google, is a clear challenge to Apple and Microsoft.

Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel

The new high-end device called Pixel Chromebook and Google has tried to establish with him a clear difference from the rest of Chromebooks that are on the market. It is the first designed and built by Google with the help of a Taiwanese manufacturer. In other words, is the first notebook with Chrome is not associated with any other brand in the world of computing, because there are already computers with the operating system’s search stamped Samsung or Acer, among others.

In its new strategy, Google has also marked another difference and far from following the philosophy of its Chrome OS platform, which was designed to create affordable machines for people living on the web, has launched a high-end device with a starting price of $ 1,299. This is the price of the WiFi only model, which includes wireless technology LTE, due out in April, costs $ 1,449.

Google’s new laptops that are designed to run Web-based programs, will be available in Best Buy stores in the U.S. and PCWorld Dixons in the UK. Likewise, the terminals can be purchased at the online store of Internet giant Google Play.

Among the new laptop, it becomes a clear competitor to the Apple MacBook, highlights its touch screen and resolution of this, that with 239 pixels per inch, “is the largest market,” according to Google, which highlighted the team, anodized aluminum (also similar to the Macbook), has two times more pixels than a standard display of HDTV.

“People are starting to live in the cloud (with files and applications stored on the network and not on physical media) and that is changing the rules of the game “, said Vice President of Chrome, Sundar Pichai, defending the way laptops that work with this operating system, with no hard drive but opt for storing in the cloud.

Beyond Apple, Google’s announcement is also a threat to Microsoft (one of the kings of the PC world with Windows). Clearly, the Internet giant, which has become a leader in the mobile business with its Android operating system, also wants to remake the laptop market, as opposed to traditional computers, using software installed on the machine itself ( Type the Word or Microsoft Office), the bet here is to launch laptops built to take advantage of cloud-based applications like Google Docs.

It is true that so far has not done much Chrome dent in Microsoft’s market share in laptops (although recent reports indicate that the U.S. only sold about 100,000 Chromebooks in the fourth quarter), but Google has more and more manufacturers allies to drive PC market with its operating system. With a clear objective, scope Chrome Android’s success.

As independent analyst told Jaime Garcia Cantero to CincoDias when Google launched Samsung and Acer Chromebooks early in 2011, “Google has created its own Mac, in the sense that so far Apple was the only company that had dared to integration total vertical value chain of computers. “It is no longer the only (time flies in the tech world) and now so does Microsoft, with its tablet Surface. So the three (Google, Apple and inventor of Windows) want the same thing: sell computers (whether they be tablets or laptops) in the software that controls the hardware, distribution and marketing.

Maybe, hence, the information points that Google is preparing to launch its own physical stores, Apple-style, to sell its hardware products. Let’s wait and see what gets the search succeed in the computer market, but the cracking, for now, is lying.

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