Google launches a new Inbox for Gmail

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Google today announced a new way to manage email received in the inbox of your service Gmail .

Gmail New Inbox

Gmail New Inbox

The options displayed by default allows automatically categorize messages into different tabs, either in the case of updates from various social networks as they can be Twitter , Facebook orYouTube .

A second inbox tab is dedicated to promotions received from different suppliers, third handles updates pertaining to an amalgam of documents among which may include receipts, invoices and other similar messages, while in the fourth forums dedicated to collecting all groups related messages and mailing lists.

The main tab is now responsible for contain within the inbox messages related to friends and family as well as for the rest that do not fit into the above categories.

The new Gmail update has begun to unfold immediately between service users and is expected to be available next week either version of the desktop and across the different applications available for phones based on Android and iOS .

The main motivation for this change is to allow service users to manage and navigate better in between the constant flow of information received via e-mail.

This capability is in addition to those available so far in the service and allowing managing email using rules, labels or priority mail.


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