Google is testing its version of Google Maps for iOS 6

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Google has refined the details of its mapping software Google Maps for iOS 6. The company istesting the application among others, with the hope that Apple finally granted approval and post it on the App Store.

   The Internet giant has been quick, it’s only beentwo months since Apple submit their own maps and Google Maps desprendiese. As indicated sources related to the topic TWSJ, Google already has developed application and you’re testing with developers outside the company.

   Among other things, unlike the previous version preinstalled on iOS, which Google has created for download from the App Store include turn navigation, as occurs in Android. This would make the a pp of Google in a GPS complete it could become a leader in its category in the App Store.

   Apple has not commented yet on if finally granted the necessary license. Previously, Google had doubts about it, but there are many alternatives to Maps in the App Store from other companies.

   It could be that Apple would not offer an advantage to his nearest rival. Besides the “victory” over maps, Google advertising insert which generate profits from the Apple operating system.


   The last strategy of Cupertino, since Tim Cook take the controls for a year, has focused on preventing free Google presence on their devices. however, not to grant approval to originate Google Maps very bad image to the view public.

   Last August, the company removed the preinstalled Youtube app and new devices are not incorporated. But yes you can download the iPhone app from the App Store.

   In this sense, the program includes new features that make it even more attractive, as the navigation from Google Maps . This option and include devices with Android and is one of the most interesting features of the software.

   For now, we must wait for Google to formally present your app in iTunes to see if Apple finally confirmed their availability.

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