Google is preparing a malware analyzer on Android devices

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The creators of malware are increasingly attractive to devices Android . Viruses, Trojans, worms and other malicious code continue to rise in the mobile platform. In recent times, the increase is worrisome. In the second quarter of this year, have been detected nearly 15,000 new malware for Android, almost three times more than the previous quarter. Google knows the situation and is preparing new security tools. Has begun to develop an anti-malware application store for Google Play , origin of various infections.

The company is updating the application Google Play for your store will become a safer place where downloaded apps with new features against malware. There are several text strings into Google Play 3.9.16 APK to suggest so, as the site includes Android Police . It seems that Android smartphones will soon perform malware analysis . For example, within the application asks “Allow Google to review all the applications installed on the device for signs of harmful behaviors? If you want to know more, go to Settings> Security “. There are also warning messages like “installation has been blocked”, “install this application may damage your device” or “to protect, Google has blocked the installation of this application.”

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It is a security solution that operates at the device level , unlike the system Bouncer to Google Google Play implanted in server level in the month of February this year. According to Android Police, has two parts, first, a function ” App Check “, which analyzes all downloaded applications on the device. Then, there is a kind of blocker application that alerts you when it detects a suspicious software. Now all arefuture features , which is not yet available in this version of Google Play 09.03.16 APK . The company is preparing the field for anti-malware that function, that would only be consistent with the versions of Android after Jelly Bean , experts in security company Sophos . That means postponing until Key Lime Pie, aka Android 4.2, at least, whose release date is not yet confirmed, but it is estimated to after November.

Android is a mobile operating system based on Linux that has many risks, according to security experts, it is highly fragmented. The latest version, Jelly Bean (the 4.1) coexists with earlier. In May this year,Gingerbread (the 2.3) was the most popular with two-thirds of Android smartphones , and that it dates from July 2011. So, security specialists suggest that Google should concentrate on preparing patches for older versions of its operating, because 8 out of 10 Android devices are vulnerable .

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