Google is committed to language processing with Wavii

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This company is focused on language processing technology that could be used by Google as part of its team of Web search .

In its battle against Apple, who wanted to incorporate his division Wavii  Siri , Google has finally managed to acquire the company, all in a week that Yahoo also bought the news aggregator Summly to secure its future strategy on the market Mobile.



As for the possible application that could give Google’s newly acquired technology, it is speculated that it could be used as part of the product development Google Glass or in your news engine Google News , or to improve speech recognition devices Android-based operating system. If true the first assumption would explain the fact that it has delayed the availability of Google Glass.

About the size of the acquired Wavii, this is a company with a total of 25 employees among which includes its founder Adrian Aoun, former head of Microsoft .

As is the case with other similar technologies, Wavii offers users a selection of news related to the tastes previously marked by the user in the consumption of information, thus acting as a filter to the vast amount of information published daily.

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