Google is ahead of Apple in Smart Watches

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Google wants Android, the dominant operating system in both smart phones and tablets, extended their lead to what is known as wearable computing or computing wearable, ie computing devices that can be integrated into clothing or accessories. The Internet giant is what Apple wants too difficult, time consuming work in a smart watch.

Google is ahead of his competitor with Android Wear, a version of its operating system designed specifically for these devices, especially smart watches. When finally present his rumored Apple iWatch, it appears that reach a market in which there will be a considerable supply of Android watches for which developers have created hundreds of specific utilities, basic to succeed in this market. One of the first Android devices to Wear will be the LG G Watch. Motorola, which is now owned by Lenovo, will also launch in summer its proposal, dubbed Moto 360. Asus, HTC and Samsung, whose model is based on Gear 2 OS-Tizen also are working with Google. Android watches allow you to receive notifications (email, social networking, news, etc.), use the voice recognition (Google search, send a text message, set the alarm), monitor health indicators and sports activities as well as use as a remote control, for example, play music or videos.

According to Analytics, in 2013 two million smart watches were sold. The consultant Nexmarket Insights estimates that this year 15 million units will be sold.

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