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In order to get more visibility, a variety of social networks have a celebrity to open certification to attract more users, and even Google recognizes this point. On Monday, Google announced it will allow Google + users have certified accounts, their name and brand authentication method will be similar to the services provided by Facebook, Twitter.

In addition, Google said in a blog, to a limited user, they have launched Google + page address customized services (more short and easy to remember), including a super sports star David Beckham, actor Hugh Jackman, singer Britney Spears as well as the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. However, this service will be open to more brands and individual users.

Account certification, celebrities and brands as well as custom URL that people can more easily find high-profile celebrities and brands to avoid imposter problem.

Google released last year, independent social networking Google + and want to have a share in the social networking market. Account certified Google + functions are gradually more complete. But have to say that Google this action is still a bit behind.

Using custom URLs, users can make their profiles more easily identifiable to other users .Currently, some brands or personalities like David Beckham google.com / + davidbeckham already have custom URLs.

As pointed out by Google in the post, in the coming days the custom URL will be available to more and more brands worldwide, as well as individual users. There will be helpful.

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