Google in favor of gay rights

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From Singapore and Poland’s initiative to raise awareness of Mountain View governments of countries where same-sex marriages are not possible. For years, Big G is spent on the rights of the LGBT community, but it is not just a matter of “pride”: there are also economic reasons


THE LOGO COLOURS Google merges with the rainbow of pride. And the shades that are out of paint “Legalize Love,” the initiative to Mountain View for the rights for homosexuals, as another effort among those whom the world of hi-tech is paying particular attention to the homosexual sphere:

For some time, after the gay marriage of one of the founders of Facebook, you can “marry” for the LGBT community, with an icon showing two spouses or two brides. And it is definitely a world one step ahead of that of many states where the marriage is denied to homosexuals. 

The Google campaign, of course, is wide-ranging: “Legalize Love – explains a spokesman for Mountain View – is a campaign to promote safer conditions for gay and lesbian people, inside and outside employment, in countries with laws against homosexuality. ” 

Philanthropy and the inclination of “loving” the company is unknown (“Do not be evil”, not bad, is the motto of Mountain View), but behind the support to the cause There is also a technical matter. Among the many Google employees there are homosexuals, and logistical operations of the company, to move an employee gay in a country that does not accept unions increasingly becoming a problem.

 The question is addressed by Mountain View in industrial and professional, in order to put pressure on those governments in which adverse decisions regarding LGBT marriage initiatives may also block very important from an economic standpoint. Business aside, Google is deployed openly in favor of gay rights for years, in June there is always a celebration of “pride” homosexual. 

And for this initiative, Big G has not turned so much about the subject, indeed: “Legalize Love” started initially in Singapore and Poland, countries that oppose homosexual unions. Google plans to extend the initiative in countries where Mountain View has offices, and where governments do not legislate in this way. 

Stands out due to inactivity on this front, when it manifests opposition. And here as in other countries, the burden increasingly important Google ecosystem economic time could induce governments to further consideration.

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