Google+ improves Photo Zoom

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Google + now allows you to zoom into high-resolution images. Improvements to speed the downloading of recordings with 60 or even 80 megapixels will work, however, according to development director Dave Cohen yet.

google-plus-logo-640Default provides Google+ that the maximum width and height of a picture is 2048 pixelsThis can be circumvented in two ways: First, automatic uploads of Google+ Android smartphones are not limited, and second, can be combined with the Picasa software images in “original size” Submit, when the so-called box is active. This Picasa images again, the user can also present in Google+.The memory limit for each user account is of course in addition.

The January introduced zoom option in Google+ was initially not high resolution image works properly and delivered blurry images, as Stephen Shankland of found with their own recordings. He had a medium format camera from Phase One set recordings made ​​with 22 to 80 megapixels. Two days later, he found the desired functionality implemented flawlessly.

The load times when zooming into a high-resolution photo, however, are considerable, as Google invites the entire image, rather than the JPEG XR file be limited to the zoomed in each section.Dave Cohen, who is leading the development of this feature at Google, wrote on demand only: “You wait and see.”

Until then, you’re feeling adventurous, if you zoom in a high resolution image or subsequently wants to change the image. And also another constraint exists: not Zooming in full screen mode.

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