Google has launched a three-dimensional map of the sky

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Google Inc. has announced the launch of a new online service that allows visitors to be able to study in detail the star chart, presented in three-dimensional format.

According to the description, available on the project website Chrome Experiments , 3D-virtualization can see about 100,000 space objects. Some of them are available for detailed study – the user will be able to view them from all angles, zoom in or removed. For the map used photos of the European Space Agency and NASA.

In addition, the project is available an extensive database that contains information about how stars and other space objects, including comets, planets, and so on. As noted by a member of the laboratory Google, working on a “star” project, the developers have tried as much as possible to implement the “presence effect” to bring the users the feeling of flying.

Recall that Google, successfully “digitizer” the Earth as part of Street View, is also posted on their website pictures as the sky, and the panorama of the underwater world .

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