Google Glass: Meet your enemies

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Augmented Reality Glasses generate anger but also arouse suspicion. Even before leaving the market, its use is intended to be forbidden while driving, and it is banned in bars and casinos. The group Stop the Cyborgs”” leads the resistance.


Google appears again on top of the technological forefront of the hand of Google Glass, smart glasses able to mediate between the retina and the real world, providing extra information about the user surrounding environment. Besides followers, welcomed by specialists and eager users have this accessory, the revolution has earned some enemies, even before its commercial appearance. They agree on a review: Google Glass, who also has a recording chamber, invade privacy.

One of the first enemies I declared global press coverage. The 5 Point Cafe, American bar, posted on his Facebook account that Google goggles are strictly prohibited within the premises, in the quest to protect the right to privacy of customers.

Some days later was made ​​public other anti Google Glass. The site ArsTechnica reported that Gary Howell, a legislator of Virginia, in the United States, promoting a law banning the use of devices that are used in the head and project information in the user’s field of vision while driving . His actual words:” I like the idea of the product and I think it’s the future, but the last law that much work was to ban texting while driving. In most cases it is young people who try new things. They are also the most vulnerable and less skilled drivers. We see many crashes caused by sending messages and handle, most involving our young drivers.” The firm went retort Montain View Bill Howell, indicating that the glasses have great potential” to improve safety on the roads and reduce accidents.”

NBC issued a report that adds more fuel to the fire. In this way, considering the standards of nightclubs and casinos, Google Glass could not be used in such areas prohibiting camera recording income of any kind . NBC makes a statement by a member of a club in Las Vegas:” As Glass selling spread, the more people will want to use in places like clubs for men. If we allow to be used, should do the same with people who bring cameras.”

Not only witnessed isolated cases. The U.S. has an organized group called Stop the Cyborgs””. It is a movement whose aim is to prevent humans becoming machines in pursuit of protecting the privacy and control over the big companies, they say, seek to capture. ” Stop the Cyborgs” has released a logo so that those who wish to ban the use of devices such as Google Glass or similar to locate you in front of the shops and establishments, even sold t-shirts with the emblem.

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