Google Glass and booming technology clothing

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  • Glass fought back to Google the field of innovation
  • The challenge of technological clothing is to be imperceptible to the user


Google Glass

Google Glass

The clothing technology, or as some call it smart, is clothing with electronic devices including: “devices for dressing “. In this category are included accessories like sunglasses and watches with extended functions. Perhaps the best recent example of technological clothing project is glasses Google Glass , spearheaded between commercial products and networked augmented reality. Google Goggles Glass were presented in 2012 with a video quite attractive, however, received a plenty of parodies that highlighted the most uncomfortable of the device. Either way, the glasses were attractive and helped Google to maintain its status as an innovator. The last important note about the issue arose a few hours ago when Google.

As usual with Google, Glass will remain in a beta testing phase for a small group of users and developers before going on sale in bulk-Google it safe bet. For now, pre-order a Glass costs about € 1,130 (U.S. $ 1,500).

The clothing seems to live a boom technology. Increasingly companies and startups are interested in developing this kind of product . In Latin America we have MACHINA , startup Mexican textile industry mix design, free culture and technology. It is noteworthy that MACHINA was successfully funded with more than $ 77,000 from Kickstarter platform last week.

The Computer for the 21th Century , where it says that “The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They are woven into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable ” . Seen this way, the challenge of technological clothing is disappearing. No doubt mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, trying to obey the same principle.

The real challenge of Glass glasses and augmented reality is to merge with the user, and lead the next generation of personal devices.

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